Traveling musician

A new way to record from Country to COuntry

So I first began traveling and recording when I went to Mexico City a couple of years ago. I realized that I needed to compact my music gear so that I could have a fully functioning recording studio that fits into a checked bag so I could produce music anywhere. I needed to fit: violin/guitar/keys/mic/Ableton/synth/effects/interface/cables/etc in a checked bag… Mission accomplished. After making Made in Mexico I am ready to continue moseying on.

Force of a fly

A methodology for playing instruments that can improve physical and mental function in a plethora of activities

Once upon a time in Mexico, I was teaching violin to this Tai Chi teacher online and explaining to him some of my concepts and principles about body usage and the mind as it relates to playing the violin. It reminded him of, as he put it, his “kung fu training.” He said “you could write a book about this!” So I did. I didn’t need any more reasons (he had me at kung fu). I thought “hey it would be cool to blog about the ideas from the chapters as I go.” Here we shall attempt to make a blog about this book tentatively titled (Force of A Fly) as we revise and refine our ideas. 


lessons in violin and guitar

Before traveling, I had a successful music studio in St Petersburg, FL. I am a classically trained violinist and began with the Suzuki Method at age 4 at the Brandon Conservatory in Manitoba, Canada. When I decided to begin travelling I switched my teaching practice from in person to online. It has gone quite well and I encourage you to book a free trial for a violin or guitar lesson. 

Never too late to learn!




English and Critical thinking school.