Alex Laugalis began the violin at age 4 in the Suzuki program through the University of Manitoba conservatory. With all his family still in Poland and Lithuania, he was fortunate enough to get to study with a wide array of teachers around the world in his young years. After completing the Suzuki program, performing solo as well as performing in duets, trios, quartets and the youth symphony he continued on to study violin performance at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and was also a member of their symphony.

All the while, Alex was actively playing and performing on the guitar as well around the Midwest and even opened for Fall Out Boy when he was 15. After college he continued to play classical but actively pursued the nontraditional route and played both violin and guitar in a variety of rock, funk, blues, jazz, and electronica groups based in California, Wisconsin and Florida. After touring the south and southwest with a bluegrass band, Alex decided to make teaching his priority but continues to actively play and perform. He currently teaches at a local school and studio, has violin, guitar, and ukulele students ranging from ages 5 to 65 and is now accepting new private students. Pedagogic method is Suzuki based for all three instruments.

Currently, Alex has just finished a MA in English/Linguistics from Arizona State University and is also teaching creative writing, Spanish, Polish, English and literature classes. Alex is living in Mexico eating tacos indefinitely. 

Music Lessons

Alex uses a method that is a combination of the Suzuki method and an adaptation of techniques that he has mastered from various teachers. The goal of the Suzuki method is to make the instrument as innate to the self as speaking your native language. Therefore the focus is on ear training, technique, intonation, etc. What is added to this method is allowing students to learn songs of their choice while still incorporating Suzuki pedagogy. To stick with the tried and true classical methods, there is also a strong focus on scales, arpeggios and etudes. 

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Lessons: Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele.

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