A Brief Intro 

Here, we have the “brief intro” version of a portfolio bio. Below, I have also included a lengthier bio. The lengthier version was first made for my ENG 507 class but now it has been edited, clipped and Adobe “sparkified.” This particular narrative seemed like a fitting intro to how this MA journey began and how I have arrived at this portfolio. It has been a mental trek over the course of a year. To me, that is really what a portfolio is about. It is different stages along a creative journey all put in one place. Thoughts are frozen on word documents, presentations or musical tracks and only come to life when engaged by a stranger. It is an ideas museum.

I have included 3 writing samples from my MA program as well as 3 creative writing samples. Besides this, if you click on any one of the 6 colored photos that are dispersed with the text titles it will lead you to one of my tracks from my album Made in Mexico. This was an album that I recorded while living in Mexico City and is a lyrical story about a time in my life that began with a knife in my kidney and ended on a rooftop in Mexico City. I would categorize it as “extra creative works” or, a great backdrop to listen to while reading. It is a concept album and flows from track 1-9 telling the various events of this strange tale along the way. A link to the full album can be found here. 

The reason I have chosen the works that I have chosen is that I find that they highlight my past and present writing styles, my blend of creative and academic writing as well as my attempt to blend music and literature. Enjoy. 

Intro/bio 597



Additional Publications

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