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Laugal blends his classical violin training with his dirty Surfcaster guitar style and adds his deep, raspy, yet soft voice over the top. When without a band to play with him, he plays the keys, drum machine, vocals, guitar, and violin simultaneously and runs them through a looper as seen here in his track “Kite.” Laugal has toured around the Midwest (notably opening for Fall Out Boy on multiple occasions), later toured from Florida to Arizona on the violin with a bluegrass band (Gators in the Sawgrass), played large venues like Jannus Live in St Petersburg FL (Thomas Wynn and the Believers), and eventually found himself playing live around Mexico City where he currently resides.

The name Laugal is short for Alex Laugalis, it was his nickname growing up. After forming and dissipating many bands throughout the years, Laugal, the band, is the uninhibited brain child of Alex Laugalis. He writes everything with himself and through the extensions of himself: his mad scientist laboratory of one man band connectivity. He has developed live looping capabilities that are fun to watch and truly difficult to replicate. His songs mix a lifetime of classical musical training with a raw passion for rock and roll as well as the stories he’s lived as a quad-lingual weirdo with a passion for music he can’t escape.

Laugal is able to create sounds and songs that are smashing together styles that don’t often mix. Gathering influence from Spoon, Boombox, Modest Mouse, Umphreys Mcgee, Radiohead, Phish as well as an upbringing of classical violin since age 4, Laugal has found a way to mix genres and is able to loop and perform them live with ease in a creative one man show that will get you dancing. Click here to check out his latest studio release and his favorite track to date: “Dead Flowers.”


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